Angela Rayner calls Tories ‘scum’ at a conference reception

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner has faced calls to apologise after reportedly describing the Tories as “scum” at a conference reception.

Government minister Amanda Milling described the Labour MP’s remarks as “shocking”.

Ms Rayner reportedly launched an outspoken attack on the Conservatives during an event for Labour activists from north-west England at the conference in Brighton.

The Ashton-under-Lyne MP described the Tories as “a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynistic”, the Daily Mirror reported.

Foreign Office minister Ms Milling said: “Angela Rayner must apologise for these comments.”

She said Ms Rayner had been former leader Jeremy Corbyn’s “henchman when Labour became embroiled in anti-Semitism” and “she failed to act”.

“Rather than throwing around false accusations the Conservatives are focused on the people’s priorities,” Ms Milling said.

Fellow Foreign Office minister James Cleverly accused Ms Rayner of “talking c**p”.

He said: “I’m sure this went down well in the room but when voters look at the party that has had both female PMs, with half of the great offices of state filled by women, half by BAME, most diverse government, more gay ministers than Labour ever had etc, they’ll know she’s talking c**p.”

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