'Animals make funny sounds and smell bad': Farmer puts up scathing sign for complaining 'townies'

Nick Reilly

A farmer fed up with ‘townies’ complaining about the noise and smells of the countryside has posted a sign outside his farm in a dig at sensitive city dwellers.

Stephen Nolan, 48, put up the notice after receiving consistent complaints for four years about noise from his animals.

‘This property is a farm. Farms have animals and animals make funny sounds, smell bad and have sex outdoors’, it reads.

‘Unless you can tolerate the above, don’t buy a property next to a farm.’

The cheeky missive, erected at Laneside Farm in Lancashire, has received a lot of love on social media from locals who described it as ‘hilarious’.

The brilliant sign was put up at Laneside Farm in Lancashire (SWNS)
Farmer Stephen Nolan has received constant noise complaints (SWNS)

Stephen built the sign after receiving complaints about noise coming from the chickens and geese walking down the farm lane.

The father-of-two said: ‘I find it baffling that people choose to live in the country and expect there not to be animals.

‘When we got the complaints made to the council we put the sign up just to say if you don’t like farming then don’t move next to a farm.


‘The person who complained doesn’t like the fact the hens are make a noise.

‘Our family has been here since before the war so we are not going to move. We are used to it now and we are carrying on regardless.’

As well as noise complaints, neighbours have also stopped Stephen from getting planning permission to make bigger stables for his huge Shire horses.

He has been denied planning permission to build a horse shed (SWNS)

‘I breed Shire horses and Clydesdales because we are trying to do our best for endangered horses’, he said.

‘The biggest thing for us is that the Shire horses are a lot bigger than your standard horses, they are giants.

‘They should be in stables which are 16-square feet really.

‘We have applied to Chorley Council for planning permission for them but a neighbour has threatened to take the council to High Court.’

Mr Nolan is fed up with ‘townies’ who don’t understand the logistics of the farm (SWNS)

Along with his wife Anne, 46, Stephen restores classic Volkswagen Camper Vans for a living and keeps ten Shire and Clydesdale horses, four pigs, geese and free-range hens at the farm as a hobby.

He sells the eggs produced by the chickens but the pigs are his father’s pets.

The brilliant sign was put up at Laneside Farm in Lancashire (SWNS)

He takes his horses to shows all over the North West including The Royal Lancashire Show in Ribchester and The Great Harwood Show in Blackburn.

Stephen said: “There’s no bigger selection of horses in Lancashire.”

Stephen’s neighbours have been approached for comment.