Animals at ZSL London Zoo Stay Cool During Heatwave With Tasty Frozen Treats

Creative zookeepers at a London zoo have been helping the resident wildlife keep cool during the city’s recent heatwave.

Images and videos shared on July 25 show the animals at ZSL London Zoo beating the heat with a variety of different snacks prepared for them by the keepers.

“The animals here at ZSL London Zoo are very much enjoying the warm weather, thanks to their imaginative keepers. All over the zoo, we’ve been giving out frozen cooling treats — this morning the gorillas have had iced cucumbers and the meerkats have enjoyed a bit of ‘peabobbing’ – with their favourite peas frozen into ice cubes for them to enjoy,” said Dan Simmonds, the zoo’s Head of Primates.

While the meerkats and gorillas chowed down on their frozen veggies, the otters were treated to crayfish popsicles, which they can be seen demolishing with gusto in the photos and videos. Credit: ZSL London Zoo via Storyful