Animated Zoolander Movie Inexplicably Appears On Netflix

‘Zoolander: Super Model’ is here… no, really.


Appearing on Netflix to absolutely no fanfare whatsoever, ‘Zoolander: Super Model’ seems to be the latest instalment of ‘Zoolander’ starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. That’s right – they actually agreed to do the voices for this.

Amazing, isn’t it? This actually made it to Netflix.

Because apparently, it’s something we want to see…

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“In this animated feature, ridiculously good-looking superheroes Derek Zoolander and Hansel defend people from the dark forces of the fashion world,” says the Netflix description.

But what is it?

The weirdly-alluring ‘Zoolander’ animated project is listed online as either a feature movie or a mini-series depending on where you look. And honestly… we’re not entirely sure what it is.

‘Zoolander: Super Model’ has made it to Netflix as one streamable file with a runtime of 84 minutes… but it doesn’t feel like one single story. Instead, it feels more like a miniseries that has been edited together and dumped online to cut its losses. Probably in the hope that no-one would be stupid enough to watch it.

But where has this even come from?


A quick look online turns up almost no details whatsoever… except for a presumably ill-fated miniseries which was touted back in 2010.

And that just makes us even more depressed.

This took SIX YEARS to make? Really?

During an interview with the New York Times Arts Beat, the actor himself revealed that the upcoming ‘Zoolander’ series would be heading to Paramount. It was even touted as the first to feature an A-List actor signing with a studio to do exclusive web content.

“It’s just a way to say, ‘Hey, let’s go do a couple of little five-minute episodes,’” said Ben Stiller, “as opposed to saying, ‘Hey, let’s pitch it to the studio and then let’s have a fight over the budget for six months.’”

And it seems he even managed to wrangle Owen Wilson onto the project.


But what happened to it?

It certainly looks as though these two projects are one and the same – the title card at the end of ‘Zoolander: Super Model’ confirms that this absurd series (which has clearly been edited together to make a weird movie) was produced for Paramount Pictures by Red Hour.

That’s right – Ben Stiller’s own production company made this.

And presumably, Paramount wanted nothing to do with it.

How this ended up on Netflix is another matter entirely. It’s weird, it’s wacky and it’s not particularly good. But perhaps one day we’ll come to appreciate it as a cultural masterpiece.

Then again… maybe not.

‘Zoolander Super Model’ is available on Netflix now.

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Picture Credit: Netflix