Animation+ Cartoon Streaming Service Launches on Samsung TV Plus | Exclusive

Animation+, a new cartoon streaming service and studio from Streaming Ink Media in partnership with Samsung TV Plus, is launching Wednesday, bringing together some of the buzziest names in animated comedy like Explosm Entertainment of “Cyanide and Happiness” fame and Hunter Hancock of “MeatCanyon” and “Papa Meat.”

“By launching the Animation+ brand with Samsung, we are establishing a foothold with a dominating global media, tech and device manufacturer … As we grow our premium content subscription service, our relationship with Samsung will position our service as a top-tier streamer,” SIM cofounder John Fitzpatrick said in an announcement obtained exclusively by TheWrap.

Animation+ is a streaming service that is singularly focused on animated comedy. Available for users of Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s FAST channel, in the U.S. and Canada, the platform will feature 600+ hours of animated comedy content popular with millenial and Gen-Z audiences.

Streaming Ink Media was cofounded by Evan Weiss and Fitzpatrick, animated comedy industry veterans, who met while working with creators at Studio71 and Collective Digital. They worked on projects such as “Fred: The Movie” and “The Cyanide and Happiness Show.” The pair founded the company together in 2022.

Over the next year, Animation+ plans to expand beyond pre-existing animated content into new original content.

“Animation+ Studios is developing new originals and plans to launch a premium service with over 10 new original half-hour series, 11-minute series, feature-length projects and video games targeted for 2025 premieres,” according to the announcement.

Of the platform launch, Explosm Entertainment’s Rob Denbleyker, Dave McElfatrick and Kris Wilson said, “We’ve known the Animation+ founders for well over a decade, and we’re excited to be part of their vision to bring some of our favorite creators together. As huge animation fans, we’re stoked.”

SIM’s creative partners like Explosm and Hunter Hancock boast a combined count of over 90 million subscribers and 20 billion YouTube views to date.

Animation+ partners additionally include Jarrad Wright (“The Big Lez Official”), Tom Hinchliffe and Don Greger (“FlashGitz”), David Firth (“Salad Fingers”), Mike Carfora and Adam Mickiewicz (“Bridge Kids”), Drue and Myles Langlois (“Apollo Gauntlet” and “Dudes of Hazmat”), Joost Lieuwma (“Cartoon Box”), Ross Bollinger (“Pencilmation”), Paul Georghiou (“Day Job” and “Smiling Friends”), Marc M (“Sick Animation” and “Smiling Friends”), Joe Cappa (“HaHa You Clowns” and “Ghost Dogs”) and Carson Mell (“Tarantula”).

“Presently, the FAST channel landscape is dominated by legacy content with nostalgia appeal. Animation+ is offering a refreshingly current, relevant content variety within the adult animation genre as our studio is at work developing original premium content with these popular creators,” Weiss said.

A Beta version of the Animation+ App will be made available to a limited number of users and creators later this year.

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