Anne Diamond rushed to hospital after paramedics 'went white' when they saw her

Anne Diamond has been rushed to hospital and the GB News star says paramedics "went white". The GB News broadcaster has revealed she was rushed to hospital amid a terrifying health scare and gave viewers an update on her condition today (Saturday May 18).

Anne revealed why she has been off her GB News show in recent weeks and said: “Some of you have been asking why I’ve been off. The reason I've been off was a lot to do with stonkingly high blood pressure.

"And while that wasn't the whole problem, and I am still yet to get a proper diagnosis as to what was going on, it was an enormous part of the problem." She continued: “I didn't realise that I had such incredibly high blood pressure.

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"When the paramedics saw it they sort of went white and said, ‘Well, you're off to hospital.’ And that was that." Anne added: "It doesn't matter how young you think you are, you ought to take your blood pressure. It's an easy thing to do and all the rest of it, but it's clearly an enormous thing too.

“High blood pressure is a real problem, and probably low blood pressure is as well. But your blood pressure is massively important. And the younger you are keeping an eye on it, the less likely you are to have any big problems later in life."

When you're taking your blood pressure at home there are things you can do to help get an accurate reading. The NHS says try to sit on an upright chair with a back and place your feet flat on the floor as well as rest your arm on a table and relax your hand and arm and wear something with short sleeves so the cuff does not go over clothes.

The NHS says "relax, breathe normally and do not talk during the test" and "take another reading a few minutes after your first reading to check it's accurate."