Anne Robinson says women can't be the breadwinner in a marriage

A little bit of time away from our TV sets has done nothing to tame the acid tongue of Anne Robinson.

Anne Robinson

This time the Queen of Mean has had a pop at stay-at-home dads, and says that a woman earning more than her husband is the perfect recipe for an unhappy marriage.

Steady on, Anne.

“There’s no such thing as a happy house husband,” the 72-year-old star snarled during an interview with The Mail on Sunday. “No mother puts her son on her knee when he is two and say, “Son, when you grow up you are going to marry someone who is brighter than you, who earns more money than you, and is more important than you.”

Anne Robinson

“What you have is house husbands who are resentful that they to stay at home and go on playdates with other mothers, and a woman who is earning the money and walking on egg shells so as not to upset him.”

Of course, the quizshow host speaks from bitter experience, since she was the breadwinner throughout her 27-year marriage to former agent John Penrose.

“‘For the girl to be main breadwinner is a ballbreaker. I probably did not realise it until too late – not that I could’ve done much about it.

Anne Robinson
Anne Robinson

“I was genetically programmed. I had a career mother who said, “Do not do what I have done, be the breadwinner and work your socks off but find a man to keep you,” while not on a single day of her life showing me the skills to do that.

“I didn’t have any geisha skills. I still don’t. I did not know how to say, “You are the most handsome man in the world or aren’t you clever.” That’s where I went wrong.”

The now single star is coy about the chances of getting hitched again after two previous marriages.

“I’d never say never but I can’t see the point,” she said. “And I doubt I would have a live-in relationship again. I don’t mind a sort of part-time relationship. That suits me best. You do get fussier and fussier – you want someone funny, with integrity.’