Annette star Adam Driver appears to get so bored during Cannes standing ovation he starts smoking a cigarette

Adam Driver got so bored during a five-minute standing ovation at Cannes that he started smoking a cigarette.

The actor was attending at the premiere of his new musical film Annette, in which he stars alongside Marion Cotillard.

Despite Annette – the first film from French director Leos Carax since Holy Motors in 2012 – receiving wildly divisive reviews from critics, the crowd decided to give Carax and his cast a standing ovation.

In a video circulating on Twitter, Driver can be seen clapping alongside Cotillard and The Big Bang Theory actor Simon Helberg, who also stars in the film.

As Carax basks in the glory of the applause, the actor removes a cigarette from his suit pocket and starts to smoke it.

Other spectators claimed that Carax had offered Driver the cigarette.

Standing ovations have long been a feature of Cannes Film Festival premieres – as have films being booed for a lengthy amount of time. Recent films to have received boos include The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Personal Shopper.

In 2017, a screening of Bong Joon Ho’s Okja was halted due to non-stop booing when the Netflix logo played at the beginning of the film.

Annette follows an opera singer and a stand-up comedian whose lives are completely changed when they have their first child.

Adam Driver, Leos Carax and Marion Cotillard at Cannes Film Festival (AFP via Getty Images)
Adam Driver, Leos Carax and Marion Cotillard at Cannes Film Festival (AFP via Getty Images)

The film has received everything from five-star reviews to a deluge of negative reactions on Twitter, with IndieWire’s David Ehrlich saying: “I was just deeply bored by every dour, self-amused, batshit second of it.”

Read our review of the film here.

Annette will be released in the UK on Mubi later this year.

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