Anthony Ramos Calls Glen Powell 'Handsome,' But I'm More Excited About Some Of The Other Things He Said About His Twisters Co-Star

 Glen Powell in Twisters.
Credit: Universal Pictures

The fact that Glen Powell is a good-looking guy isn’t exactly up for debate. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I’d wager there are very few eyes that would look at Glen Powell and not be impressed. Even his Twisters cast costar Anthony Ramos can’t help but admit the guy is incredibly handsome, but that’s not all Powell is according to Ramos.

You get the feeling Glen Powell is going to be named Sexiest Man Alive any minute now. It would be one thing if Powell was just a good-looking guy getting by on his looks alone. Hollywood certainly isn’t without its share of stars who are clearly put on screen because they look nice, regardless of their abilities as actors. But Anthony Ramos is clear with ET that Powell is not one of those people. He credits Powell’s work ethic and his intelligence before he even mentions that the guy is incredibly good-looking. Ramos said…

He's really hard-working. He's super smart, you know. He's one of the most handsome guys.

Glen Powell has certainly shown that he's more than just a pretty face, but it's not terrible to get confirmation of that from an independent source. He’s an incredibly popular actor right now following his breakout role in Top Gun: Maverick. In addition to starring in the Top Gun and Twister franchise reboots, he was offered a role in the new Jurassic World movie, though he turned it down. Powell likely has his pick of roles right now and could be in everything if he chooses to do so.

Powell isn’t taking every role under the sun, which will likely help prevent overexposure. He seems to have a clear understanding that his career has shifted, giving him massive opportunity, but he wants to be sure he handles it right. Ramos seems to reinforce that idea, calling out Powell’s focus…

I think he's one of the hottest actors right now. He's so laser focused. And everything he does is so dynamic. And he's mad funny.

Powell’s laser focus isn’t a recent attribute. The actor recently spoke about his willingness to turn down roles, even when he really needed the money, because they weren’t the sort of work he wanted and was focused on sending the right message to Hollywood, even if it meant he stayed broke.

It’s always nice to learn that a celebrity you like is also pretty cool with their head on straight. It sounds like all the people who have fallen in love with Glen Powell over the last couple of years can rest easy. Glen Powell's star is only continuing to rise, but the man knows how hard it was to get here, having admitted his mistakes. It sounds like it couldn't happen to a better guy.