Apart-hotel plans next to Cleethorpes roundabout for two long-vacant homes

Isaacs Hill, Cleethorpes
Isaacs Hill, Cleethorpes -Credit:Google Streetview

Plans have been put forward to revive long-vacant homes by a Cleethorpes roundabout into an apart-hotel.

The two properties, side-by-side at Isaacs Hill, are "rundown and poorly maintained", application documents state. The idea is to convert them from previous residential use into accommodation, bookable via AirBnB and through Booking.com.

Robertson Properties Ltd is the applicant. It bought the properties in late 2023.

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Each are currently set up to be four-bed homes. It is proposed to convert them into six bed apart-hotels each. Of the dozen total guest rooms created, nine will have kitchenettes and all will have an en suite. A shed outbuilding is also proposed at the back of one of the properties to handle the laundering and cleaning.

"The owner will advertise rooms on Booking.com and Airbnb, as well as reaching out to Ørsted and the oil refineries in Immingham for any contractors that will be needing short term accommodation," state Building Planning Services Ltd in a document on behalf of the applicant. The hospital accommodation department will also be reached out to, to offer places for visiting doctors and specialist nurses. A dedicated website will host bookings, too.

Catering will not be offered on site, but contact will be made with local catering businesses, which serve breakfast and dinners. Several neighbours have expressed concern already, with a main sticking point being the limited parking spaces, four, for the number of rooms.