'Otherworldly fireball' lights up the sky across Australia

Jacob Jarvis
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'Otherworldly fireball' lights up the sky across Australia

'Otherworldly fireball' lights up the sky across Australia

An “otherworldly fireball” dazzled onlookers as it illuminated the sky in Australia.

The flash came after a bright stream, believed to be a meteor, trailed through the night sky before creating a huge glow.

“The fireball was reportedly accompanied by loud rumblings, and is believed to be an asteroid burning up in Earth’s atmosphere,” according to South Australia Police.

Sharing a video of the “celestial phenomenon” the force jokingly urged that “locals be alert for Alien Life Forms”.

One witness wrote on Facebook: “It was the most incredible meteorite I've ever seen that lit up the otherwise dark sky. It seemed to go on for ages with bits flying off it as it hit the horizon.”

Some reported seeing green or orange emit from the trail as it went through the sky.

The meteor is reported to have landed in the ocean after creating the massive flash, accompanied by a sound which could be heard from miles away.

There were reports the meteor even created a "sonic boom" as it hurtled towards the planet on Tuesday night.