Zoundream: This AI baby cry 'translator' may next help detect autism and other health disorders

It’s the bane of countless mothers, fathers and airline passengers. Why do babies cry, what are they asking for and how can we pacify them?

At CES, the biggest tech event in the world formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an innovative company is showcasing its solution to this age-old problem.

Zoundream has created an application that analyses babies’ crying, using machine learning and a bank of data to suggest what a baby wants.

The Swiss start-up is keen to keep on innovating. It now hopes to analyse babies' crying to identify early signs of health problems.

"The next step is using the sound of infant cries to identify early signals of pathologies and development disorder,” Roberto Iannone, the CEO and founder of Zoundream, told Euronews Next.

“Babies cry differently if they have a pathology or a developmental disorder like autism, for example, or other ones, but also pathologies like breathing issues, or heart diseases or hearing issues."

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