Apple Event 2022: How to watch live from home in the UK and what time does it start?

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Apple’s next event is just a few days away (Yui Mok/PA Archive)
Apple’s next event is just a few days away (Yui Mok/PA Archive)

Apple’s next event outlining upcoming launches and developments is fast approaching.

Perhaps the company’s biggest event of 2022, Apple Events usually precede their launches by a few months, so we can expect new products to be lining Apple Store tables sometime soon.

Titled Far Out, the upcoming event is following a space theme, judging from its marketing so far.

While it’s unlikely that the tech giant will be revealing plans to head into Space, we can make some pretty good guesses about what to expect in terms of announcements.

What to expect from the next Apple Event

Taking place on September 7 at 10am PST (6pm GMT), the Apple Event is almost certainly going to centre around the iPhone 14.

The iPhone celebrated its 15th birthday in June this year, so Apple will likely want to make a splash with its most recent iteration of the device.

Rumours so far include moves closer to the Android style, such as the potential loss of the notch on the Pro and Pro Max, and the inclusion of an ‘Always On’ display.

Another expected announcement is the Apple Watch Series 8, potentially with a new and improved sporty version to rival dedicated fitness watches on the market.

Apple likes to include hidden messages in its marketing material and the Tweet announcing this years’ Event included the Apple logo reforming into a heart. Could this be a sign that Apple is moving closer into the world of fitness tech with its Apple Watch announcement?

Airpods could also have their time to shine at the upcoming Event, with the expected announcement of the Airpods Pro.

So far, the wireless headphones haven’t changed much past a few small updates since their 2019 debut, so both an improvement in sound quality and design are on the table for Airpods.

Other more uncertain potential announcements include a fresh iPad Pro model and the highly anticipated step into AR/VR headsets.

Apple trademarked a number of phrases, including Reality One, Reality Pro, and Reality Processor, signalling that it might be considering a move into this area.

Of course, all of these expectations are speculative and we’ll have to wait until the event itself for any of our guesswork to be confirmed.

How to watch the Apple Event in the UK

Unless you happen to be on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California, on Wednesday September 7, you will still be able to tune into the Apple Event from home.

Starting at 6pm UK time, you can watch online via the Apple website or via the Apple TV app.