Apple fans hail little known 'pro tip' to find lost iPhone


iPhone owners are praising a lesser-known trick that helps them instantly locate their lost handsets. An Apple enthusiast shared this "pro tip" for those who often misplace their phones in bed.

The iPhone user took to Reddit to reveal how they utilise Siri to find their misplaced device. They wrote, "Ever lose track of where your phone is on the couch or in bed at night? Instead of fumbling around with my hands, I say, 'Siri where are you? ' and it'll respond, 'Here.' Silly pro tip but I use it all the time."

Fellow Apple fans were delighted with the trick, with one commenting, "Made me smile, I'll keep it in mind haha." However, one wise user issued a cautionary note: "Be careful though, this can cause marital strife if your spouse is still asleep next to you at 3 am when you do this."

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For this trick to work, there's something you need to do on your iPhone first. It relies on a specific setting being active; otherwise, you'll utter the phrase and nothing will occur. Therefore, you need to set up your iPhone correctly beforehand, enabling this feature to function when required.

Navigate to Settings > Siri & Search and ensure that Allow Siri When Locked is turned on. Also, make sure that "Hey Siri" is activated.

Another handy trick is to use Siri to switch on the flashlight. Simply say "Hey Siri, turn the flashlight on."

This can assist you in swiftly locating your iPhone in the dark.

If you're a fan of the Harry Potter series, you can get the same result by commanding, "Hey Siri, Lumos."

The instruction also activates the flashlight and it can be switched off again with another Wizarding World spell: "Hey Siri, Nox."