Apple Vision Pro headset has 600 specifically made apps, company says

 (Apple/HBO Max)
(Apple/HBO Max)

Apple says that developers have made more than 600 apps and games for its new virtual reality headset.

The Vision Pro will be released on 2 February. But ahead of its launch one of the big questions is how many apps will actually be available for the system.

Some large apps – notably Netflix and YouTube – have already announced that they will not be able on the Vision Pro at all. Instead, users will have to navigate to them through the built-in browser.

But Apple said that the developers of 600 Vision Pro apps had chosen to make them available on launch day. While there actually be than a million apps available to download on launch day, the vast majority of them are iPad apps whose developers have chosen to make them also available on the headset.

Those 600, however, have been specifically developed for the Vision Pro platform. That means that will be able to scale, use the full set of inputs from voice and hands, as well as appear in space.

iPad apps will only appear as rectangles within the headset, as if the wearer was looking at a virtual version of the tablet.

Many of the apps that Apple chose to highlight in its announcement were built for entertainment. That includes streaming services such as Disney+ and HBO Max – which also include immersive parts such as the option to watch Game of Thrones from within a virtual version of the Iron Throne Room from the series.

But it also pointed to a range of work apps, as well as games including Super Fruit Ninja.