Apple Watch Series 9 is set to get a lot smarter

Apple has used the current Watch chip since the Series 6 model from 2020 (Apple)
Apple has used the current Watch chip since the Series 6 model from 2020 (Apple)

The next Apple Watch could represent the biggest upgrade the series has seen in years, in one particular area.

Apple plans to give the Watch Series 9 a new processor, one with a far greater increase in performance than any seen in recent years, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (via Macrumors).

This new processor is reportedly based on the Apple A15 chipset seen in the iPhone 13. Does that mean the Apple Watch Series 9 will be as powerful as those phones? Not quite.

The current Apple Watch Series 8’s processor is based on the Apple A13 chipset seen in the iPhone 11 from 2019. It is not as powerful as an iPhone 11, but uses some of the same core technologies.

Will the next Apple Watch have better battery life?

The new chipset is likely to bring a big increase in performance, comparing watch to watch, and a jump in efficiency too.

Apple has used the current Watch chip since the Series 6 model from 2020. It’s why you rarely hear about the performance of the Watch smartwatches during Apple launch events — a big focus of iPhone and MacBook launches.

The new iteration of CPU is likely to jump from a 7nm manufacturing process to a 5nm one. This shrinking of die, meaning the transistors that make up the processor get smaller, typically comes with an improvement in power consumption.

Waiting for an Apple Watch that lasts longer between each charge? The Apple Watch Series 9 could be it.

Apple leaker @analyst941 has suggested the watch will also bring about a big change in how the series’s software feels, with an interface closer to that of Apple’s iPhones.

Ever since the Apple Watch Series began, its core app screen has been a dense honeycomb of little icons that you zoom in and out of using the rotating crown. Rumours suggest WatchOS 10 will switch to using a more phone-like scroll of icons, with folders on offer to help organise larger app libraries.

Of course, none of this will be exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 9. All supported watches will get the new features, likely to include all models back to the Apple Watch Series 4.

Future Apple Watch features

Multi-Band GPS is one feature that may well dribble down to the Watch Series 9 — it is currently seen in only the Apple Watch Ultra. It improves the reliability and accuracy of location tracking in more difficult environments, such as skyscraper-filled cities.

More dynamic changes to the Apple Watch family are expected in 2024 or beyond. The series is to get another redesign next year, while Apple is also developing blood pressure-sensing tech and non-invasive blood glucose monitoring for people with diabetes, according to Bloomberg. These technologies are likely still several years away.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is likely to launch in September 2023, alongside the next generation of iPhones.