Apple’s iPhone 8 ‘could be a flop’, analyst warns

iPhone iDrop
iPhone iDrop

This year’s iPhone launch, due on September 12, is a very, very big deal for Apple – coming on the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone.

Apple is planning to redesign its flagship device, according to the rumour mill – but do customers actually care?

Perhaps not, according to data from an investment firm.

The survey from investment analysts Piper Jaffray found that just 16% of those surveyed said they planned to upgrade to the new device.

Crucially, buyers weren’t any more excited about this year’s update than they were last year, the analysts reported.

‘We believe the survey suggests that awareness of potential for this year’s iPhone to be a more robust upgrade is relatively low,’ the investment bank’s analysts wrote in a research note for clients on Tuesday.


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‘We also found that the percent of iPhone users on a version two years or older (at time of upgrade) is almost identical (66% versus 67%) compared to our 2016 survey.’

The iPhone 8’s crazy new screen is a big reason why it will cost so much (AAPL)

The survey of 400 American iPhone users found that just 24% said that they would ‘maybe’ upgrade – down from 29% last year.