"I appreciate your opinion, but you've got to calm down" Beyoncé's gentle parenting technique has gone viral and the internet is loving it

 Blue Ive Carter and Beyoncé perform onstage during the "RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR".
Blue Ive Carter and Beyoncé perform onstage during the "RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR".

Blue Ivy pleaded with her mum Beyoncé to leave a fan-favourite song in the Renaissance tour setlist, and the disagreement was handled perfectly.

There are many parenting styles backed by research for today's parents to choose from - from therapeutic parenting to permissive parenting, there's something to suit a variety of needs.

And it seems that superstar Beyoncé opts for the gentle parenting method, following a clip from an important Renaissance tour meeting that has been shared online. The singer's approach to a dispute with her daughter, Blue Ivy, over the tour's setlist has earned her scores of praise online.

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, premiered worldwide on December 1 - two months after the eponymous world tour came to a close in October - sharing behind-the-scenes footage. And a video clip from the movie depicting Blue Ivy astounded over the song Diva potentially being dropped from the tour's setlist, has now emerged.

In the clip, Beyoncé and her team can be seen discussing the tour, when the suggestion is made that 2008 song Diva won't make the cut. Blue Ivy immediately interjects, to share her dismay at the tune being left out. Beyoncé doesn't initially respond to her daughter's outrage, but as her anguish becomes heightened, she uses gentle parenting techniques to diffuse the situation.

She calmly turns to her daughter and says "You're going to have to take it down a few notches". When Blue Ivy continues to ask for Diva to make the setlist cut, Beyoncé takes her gentle parenting to the next level. "Listen," she says, "I appreciate your opinion, but you've got to calm down. You can't cut people…" the scene then cuts to show Diva being performed in the concert.

The singer garnered immediate praise online for how she handled the situation, and the effortless way she engaged in gentle parenting. According to Very Well Family, gentle parenting is an evidence-based approach, composed of four main elements.

These are empathy, respect, understanding, and boundaries, and developing the qualities you want in your child by by demonstrating compassion and enforcing consistent boundaries.

The system also encourages families to work together, teaching their children to express their feelings in socially acceptable and age-appropriate ways. Evidence suggests the method can increase a child's happiness, independence and confidence.

One fan took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter), to share their views on Beyoncé's parenting approach. They said, "Beyoncé handled that well actually. That is gentle parenting because children do need to learn to not cut people off. And she listened to Blue and inserted Diva!"

Beyonce on stage holding a microphone
Beyonce on stage holding a microphone

Another added "See how Beyonce used gentle parenting the correct way. You acknowledge your child’s feelings while also establishing a clear boundaries with a firm tone. Gentle parenting isn’t letting your kids get away with murder like some of you."

Another fan weighed in on the debate by saying "Get in on the buzz! Beyoncé's Renaissance Movie isn't just a visual spectacle; it's sparking vital convos about parenting! See how Queen Bey is singing to the tune of gentle parenting & setting the tone for kids' freedom of expression."

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