The Apprentice airs double firing in skincare challenge

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The Apprentice airs double firing in skincare taskBBC / Fremantlemedia Limited - BBC

The Apprentice spoilers follow.

The race to become Lord Sugar's next business partner is getting hectic as The Apprentice went for a dramatic double firing.

Tonight's (March 2) episode saw Brad Johnson and Avi Sharma packing their washbags in a skincare challenge. The contestants were asked to come up with a men's skincare product, with Dani Donovan's team catering to 50-year-olds and Brad's group to 30- to-40-year-olds.

Dani, together with Megan Hornby, Simba Rwambiwa and Victoria Goulbourne, thought of crafting a star-shaped vessel for their Start Skin Co.

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BBC / Fremantlemedia Limited - BBC

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Meanwhile, Brad pitched his snake-themed packaging for his AntiVenom scrub, though his teammates Avi Sharma, Rochelle Anthony and Marnie Swindells were concerned it wouldn't be target market-appropriate. To make things worse, the green-dyed concoction created by Rochelle stained Avi's arm during a patch test.

While Brad’s snake-wrapped packaging and its slimy, green exfoliator looked a little over-the-top for the target market, Dani's white formula and blue, basic box looked a little bland.

Their star-shaped box, on the other hand, was slammed as "excessive" and not very practical by their focus group. Brad's team didn't have much luck either, as their AntiVenom was deemed too childish for their target audience.

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BBC / Fremantlemedia Limited - BBC
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BBC / Fremantlemedia Limited - BBC

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The two teams then pitched their products to big industry players, who were less-than-impressed by their efforts.

Hardly anyone was interested in Brad's AntiVenom, particularly as it dyed the skin a greenish colour. Unsurprisingly, they placed zero orders. Dani's Start had more luck, convincing retailers to place an order for 11,350 units.

At his third experience as project manager, Brad was immediately fired. But another candidate had to go home, and Lord Sugar picked Avi for desperately begging retailers to place orders.

The Apprentice airs on BBC One, with spin-off series You're Fired airing immediately afterwards on BBC Two.

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