Apprentice viewers stunned by ‘ruthless’ firing as Lord Sugar left furious over abysmal task result

The Apprentice viewers were left surprised by an episode that made Lord Sugar so furious he was forced to switch up the firing process.

On Thursday (22 February), the 18th series of the BBC entertainment show continued as the remaining candidates undertook what has become a fan favourite task throughout its time on the air.

One week after the firing of a controversial contestant, the remaining crop were sent to Jersey to acquire nine items within a strict time limit.

However, in the boardroom, it was revealed that one team – led by project manager Jack and sub-team leader Amina – had incurred several fines as they either struggled to locate or buy certain items. Adding insult to injury was the fact several team members made it to the meeting point after the time limit had been reached.

“It’s got to be one of the worst results in this task,” an unimpressed Lord Sugar said, later adding: “Well, pretty much the worst team that I've ever had out on this task.”

Lord Sugar revealed he was particularly disappointed as this task is his “favourite”.

After Jack asked to bring Amina and Maura back into the boardroom, Lord Sugar asked his aide Karren Brady, who had been tracking the team’s progress in Jersey, what her views were.

"I've never seen a mess like it in all these years,” he said, urging Brady for her thoughts,

Brady replied: “I’ve got to tell you, Alan, they all made mistakes. They're all culpable and they all should be back in here.”

Lord Sugar was furious on latest episode of ‘The Apprentice’ (BBC)
Lord Sugar was furious on latest episode of ‘The Apprentice’ (BBC)

Lord Sugar then decided to shake-up the boardroom process and called every single member of the team back, despite several of them believing they had escaped scot free.

The surprises didn’t stop there. While summing up his views, and deciding who would be fired, he said: 'Jack, you were ultimately responsible for the strategy, and the strategy failed. But Amina, you were in charge of the sub-team's lack of strategy and that cost the whole team big. And so, it is with regret, Amina, you’re fired – and Jack, I’m sorry to say, you’re also fired.”

Viewers were left surprised by the fact there was a double firing four episodes into the new series.

Jack and Amina were eliminated in double ‘Apprentice’ firing (BBC)
Jack and Amina were eliminated in double ‘Apprentice’ firing (BBC)

“Whaaaaaaaatttttt??? Double firing so early in the series…. crazy times,” one viewer wrote, with another adding: “Double firing on The Apprentice this early on in the process. I wasn’t expecting that at all (finally a good episode this series).”

“I live for a double firing on The Apprentice,” one fan wrote, calling the twist “ruthless”.

The Apprentice airs Thursdays on BBC One at 9pm.