Aqua celebrates Earth Day with clean-up

Apr. 22—DANVILLE — Aqua Illinois, an Essential Utilities company, celebrated Earth Day with a park clean-up on April 12, in partnership with the Vermillion County Conservation District.

Aqua employees collected 22 pounds of garbage from around Horseshoe Pond in Kennekuk County Park.

The event was part of Essential Earth Day, a month-long celebration of volunteer events, donations and employee education opportunities to support the company's mission of protecting and providing Earth's most essential resources and investing in the communities it serves.

Earth Day was on Monday.

"I am honored to partner with the Vermillion County Conservation District for Earth Day 2024," said Aqua Illinois President Dave Carter. "This initiative not only symbolizes our commitment to protecting our planet but also serves as a powerful reminder of the positive impact we can have when we work together for a greener future."

Horseshoe Pond is a popular destination for picnics and wildlife observation, as well as fishing and hiking trails. Aqua's efforts help ensure the future of the park and promote responsible tourism.

"This collaboration showcases the importance of local partnerships in creating a sustainable and resilient environment for our residents," said Vermillion County Conservation District Executive Director Jamie Pasquale. "We're grateful to be a beneficiary of Aqua's Earth Day efforts. I commend Aqua Illinois volunteers for significantly improving the environment, wildlife, visitor experience, and overall sustainability of Horseshoe Pond."

Essential Earth Day is part of the company's comprehensive commitment to the environment and the communities it serves. Since the initiative launched in 2022, Essential has donated $1.5 million and more than 800 employees have participated in more than 70 events, logging 3,200 hours to support environmental causes, including litter cleanups, reforestation projects and other conservation efforts.