Arabella provokes sudden affection from Yewande on Love Island

Danny received some long-awaited affection.

The arrival on Love Island of model Arabella Chi has provoked sudden affection from Yewande Biala.

Danny Williams was chosen for a date by the new arrival and the pair shared an immediate connection and “definite attraction”.

Yewande was coached to be more affectionate by her fellow contestants and shared a kiss with Danny after feeling threatened by the incoming model.

Danny had said his coupling with Yewande felt “laboured” and he had been frustrated by her lack of affection.

The presence of a rival in the villa seemingly provoked a change of approach from Yewande.

She said: “I wanted to say that I understand where you’re coming from. I will try.”

Danny said he is not “fooled” by Yewande’s sudden affection, and that he had instant chemistry with the new arrival in the villa.

Other islanders had urged Yewande to be more open with her partner and try a different approach.

Viewers were left unconvinced by the sudden change of behaviour.

One wrote on Twitter: “Danny you’ve let us down mate she’s only doing that cause someone else came in, wake up mate.”

Another added: “The only reason that happened is because a supermodel walked in who liked him.”

One viewers posted: “Sorry not convinced at all by Yewande there.”

Arabella chose singleton Anton Danyluk for her second date, to the delight of other islanders.