Archie Panjabi says forthcoming thriller will capture current climate of fear

Archie Panjabi has said her new thriller Departure will resonate because it captures the feeling that we are living in a time of fear.

The British actress, 47, plays widowed aviation investigator Kendra Malley, who is charged with solving the mystery of Flight 716, a passenger plane which vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean.

She said Brexit and easy access to information had helped foster a climate of terror, and that the forthcoming series reflected that.

House of Fraser BAFTA TV Awards 2016 – Arrivals – London
Archie Panjabi stars in Departure (Ian West/PA)

She told PA: “Right now I think why people are interested in this is because we are living in a time where there is fear on so many levels about everything.

“Whether it is about Brexit or anything else, there is so much fear at the moment because there is so much easy access to information.

“We know what’s happening in every part of the world every second of the day.

“And so I just reached a point where you just have to cut off at a certain point and not get fearful, otherwise you would be fearful of everything.”

Panjabi, best known for starring as Kalinda Sharma in The Good Wife, appears alongside Christopher Plummer in the Universal TV series.

The 89-year-old Canadian screen veteran, famed for his turn as Captain Georg von Trapp in 1965’s The Sound of Music, plays Howard, the head of the Transport Safety Bureau.

The 85th Academy Awards – Arrivals – Los Angeles
Christopher Plummer at the 85th Academy Awards in Los Angeles (Ian West/PA)

Panjabi said the part had offered her insight into why so many people were scared of flying.

She said: “That is what is interesting about this. To understand the fear of flying and why people have it, and the psychology of it, that was quite interesting.

“There’s such a fear and fascination of it on so many different degrees.

“Certainly when I watched it… at the end you could definitely sense the audience were in a trance.

“It took a minute before they started to clap and even then they were hesitant to clap. Because even then, how can you clap for something so tragic?”

Departure launches on Universal TV on Wednesday July 10 at 9pm.