Arctic Monkeys fans furious after touts advertise sell-out tickets for over £4,000

Mike P Williams
Tickets for the band’s upcoming tour sold out within minutes. (PA)

Fans of The Arctic Monkeys have been left raging after tickets for their sell-out gigs were being resold minutes later for thousands of pounds.

The Sheffield-based band are touring this September, and tickets for the highly anticipated gigs went on sale this morning at 9am, as fans waited patiently in internet queues.

But people were left angry when discovering their efforts had been for nothing and that the tickets had all sold out… only to see them advertised elsewhere moments later for many times their original value.

Websites like Viagogo have hundreds of tickets listed for the band’s upcoming gigs at hugely inflated prices – purchased by shrewd scalpers seeing an opportunity to make a quick profit.

Tickets for the band’s upcoming tour sold out within minutes. (PA)

Prices had started on  Ticketmaster from as little as £44.65 for standing entry at their Manchester Arena date, but are now exchanging hands by touts for hundreds of pounds – and in some cases thousands.

Some noted how one seller was flogging a level one ticket for the O2 Arena date in London for an incredible £4,840.

Fans who’d set their alarms and queued up online were left disappointed and fuming that they’d missed out only for others to nab them solely to make money off of the fanbase.

Some even preempted the touts…

Generally, people were thoroughly unimpressed by their actions.

The band did tweet a lifeline for fans that had missed out, confirming extra dates to the tour just minutes after the initial batch went on sale and subsequently sold out.


Tickets for the band’s upcoming tour sold out within minutes. (PA)

But some still weren’t happy…

Others decided that snark was the best remedy for disappointment.

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