Are Kylie Jenner and Tyga Back Together? Former Couple Spotted ‘Holding Hands’ At Kanye’s Video Screening


Yes folks, it appears that after splitting up ‘for good’ just mere weeks ago, Kylie Jenner and Tyga look like they’re about to re-kindle their romance.

The pair were spotted looking pretty damn cosy at the screening for Kanye West’s 'Famous’ video in LA last night – and what’s more, were spotted holding hands as they left the première.

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Do people hold hands with their exes? NAH, DIDN’T THINK SO.

Not only that, Tyga ignited rumours that the pair were back together again after he posted and then deleted a picture of King Kylie sitting on a bed on Friday.

The caption? 'They always come back….’.

Well, we think that says all you need to know really, doesn’t it?

Speaking to US Weekly, sources claim that this has happened before though: They fight and get back together all [the time]. We’ve been down this road before.”

“Kylie and Tyga never stopped talking.”

Young love, eh?

It comes just a week after Tyga told Big Boy TV that the relationship took the shine away from his music career.

“When you’re in a very public relationship like that, it’s hard for other people to see you differently than that,” he said. “Being in that it took a lot, career wise, everything. It overshadowed a lot of my talents and a lot of things that I worked hard for.”

“When something is so damaged or something is just not right, you can’t fix it in a moment. The only thing is time.“

However, the rapper was keen to stress that the decision to end things was mutual – and that he was still friends with his ex, saying: “It got to the point where it was like, 'I respect you, you respect me.’ I think it’s a mutual thing. This is what needs to happen.”