Ariana Calls Raquel ‘Subhuman’ in Explosive ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion Trailer


Since news of the Scandoval broke in March, I’ve been anticipating watching the cast of Vanderpump Rules gather before Andy Cohen to rip Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss—but mostly, Sandoval—to shreds. Now the trailer for the upcoming reunion has finally arrived, and it’s even more explosive than one could imagine. (James Kennedy calls Sandoval “a worm with a mustache.”)

The first part of the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion will air on May 24, following a supersized season finale with reactions to the Scandoval. And it looks like we’ll be watching the entirety of it through our fingers.

In this 2-minute teaser alone, we’ve got Cohen serving Scheana Shay what is presumably the restraining order Leviss filed against her. We’ve got Kennedy getting up from his chair and charging at Sandoval. Sandoval has a meltdown outside of a trailer. Lisa Vanderpump shows up to scold Leviss. Somehow, Cohen’s cue cards end up on the other side of the room.

In the first few seconds of this explosive preview, Cohen asks Sandoval and Leviss when their affair “went from a one-night-stand to a full-blown relationship.” Later, he asks if the two are in love. Of course, Bravo isn’t going to spoil us with these answers, but the two definitely appear to be a unified force.

At one point, we see Sandoval and Leviss talking in a trailer during a break. “They’re making you and me to be pathological liars,” the Tom Tom owner says. “I see that, even though we know that we’re not,” Levis replies. Um, you’re not not pathological liars!

Another huge question fans have wanted answered is when supposed decoy Tom Schwartz knew his best friend and business partner was sneaking around with Leviss. In the trailer, Schwartz says Sandoval told him in “late August.” Sandoval begins to rebut his claim, as if it makes him less guilty somehow. “Did you guys not put your timelines together to match?” Lala Kent retorts.

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While Sandoval appears mostly angry and defensive, we get a brief moment of remorse from Leviss when she tells Madix she’s been “super selfish.” That adjective isn’t good enough for Madix who, in her now-famous red “revenge” dress, calls her “diabolical, demented, and subhuman.” (Yikes). Kennedy chimes in to call Sandoval and Leviss “poo poo heads.”

Shockingly, no tears seem to be shed by Madix, Leviss or Sandoval—at least in this teaser. Madix is notably chill and composed, probably because she knows the entire world, minus Howie Mandel, is on her side. At one point, Sandoval turns to say something to her, and she swiftly replies, “Don’t even fucking look at me. You don’t deserve to look at this.” We have to agree!

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