Ariana Grande teases deluxe version of Eternal Sunshine

Ariana Grande has teased an upcoming deluxe edition of her new album Eternal Sunshine.

The 7 Rings hitmaker revealed on Monday's Podcrushed podcast that she has been in the studio writing new music since she released her seventh studio album in March so she is considering putting out the new songs as a deluxe version.

"I've been writing a little bit recently, I've been living in the studio," she said, to which co-host Penn Badgley urged her to "release it".

"I think I will," she replied. "It's funny because I really thought that it was just a very concise body of work that is what it is and I think forever in my head that is Eternal Sunshine, that album. But with time, I'm like, 'Oh, maybe there are some new ideas that could be included.' So I went to the studio the day after the Met (Gala) and I stayed for like 10 days and I was literally living there."

Ariana, who performed at the Met Gala in May, released Eternal Sunshine on 8 March and followed it up two days later with a surprise digital deluxe edition called Slightly Deluxe. The deluxe featured four tracks; a remix of Supernatural with Troye Sivan, a remix of Yes, And? with Mariah Carey, an acoustic version of Imperfect for You and an a capella rendition of True Story.

In the podcast interview, the pop star indicated that the upcoming deluxe would feature entirely new material.

"I've been writing a lot and maybe there's some more. I would like to do a deluxe at some point," she continued. "I had an idea of doing two little mini ones or one big one and I'm still kind of deciding. I think just one and just like have it be a few more little things and then be done."

Ariana recently recruited Penn to star in the music video for The Boy Is Mine, the third single from her album.