Aristocrat’s widow denies pushing him out of a window

Teresa Marshall de Paoli with the Marquis
Teresa Marshall de Paoli with the Marquis - ANL/SHUTTERSTOCK

The Marquess of Ailesbury’s widow has denied pushing the aristocrat out of a window.

Teresa Marshall de Paoli was the partner of the Marquess of Ailesbury for almost 40 years before his death in a fall, but claims she has now been shunned by the landowner’s family.

She has also said that she had no involvement in the death of her husband.

It was reported in May 2024 that 98-year-old Marquess, Michael Brudenell-Bruce died in a freak accident after falling from the window of his London flat while letting out his pet cat.

Ms de Paoli said: “‘I want to warn others that when a partner dies in the home, the remaining widow is treated like a suspect. I had no idea.

“I am a very caring person and I didn’t want him to go to a home. I simply did not push him out of the window.

“I thought he’d live to be 101 and I would die before him.”

The Daily Mail has reported that Ms de Paoli, once courted by Frank Sinatra, was given a fifth of the Marquess’s estate in his will.

His son David Brudenell-Bruce, now the 9th Marquess of Ailesbury, spoke to the Daily Mail regarding the circumstances of his father’s death, saying: “The sadness is she and he were alone in the building and we will never know.

“There’ll be a coroner’s inquest and the only possible outcome is an open verdict.”

It has been reported that he will contest his father’s will, and has claimed that the late Marquess suffered from dementia.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “The death is unexpected but is not being treated as suspicious.”