Arizona Woman Struggles to Shovel Snow Off Trampoline – Just in Time for More Snow

A woman in Flagstaff, Arizona, finally got around to shoveling what she said was about a foot of snow off her outdoor trampoline on Thursday, January 19 – hours before another snowstorm hit the area.

The National Weather Service said on Thursday evening that bands of snow were moving east across north-central Arizona.

This video showing Flagstaff Twitter user @Az49erGirl slipping as she shovels snow off a trampoline was filmed Thursday morning, she said.

She had posted footage of her snow-covered trampoline in previous days. She said on Thursday that she “finally had to tackle cleaning the trampoline off,” which she said had about “a foot of snow still on it, with ice underneath.”

By Friday morning, another 5.3 inches had accumulated in Flagstaff, the NWS said. Credit: @Az49erGirl via Storyful

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