Armenia and Azerbaijan Trade Accusations of Provocation as Clashes Break Out Near Border

Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other of provocation on November 16, amid clashes in the former’s Syunik province.

The Armenian military reported “losses” on both sides, and said 12 Armenian servicemen had been captured.

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense said two of its servicemen were wounded. However, the Armenian military claimed “a large number of personnel losses” on the Azerbaijani side.

Unconfirmed reports said at least 10 Armenian soldiers were killed.

Armenia’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs said Azerbaijani forces had launched an attack and “infiltrated into the sovereign territory” of Armenia.

“The offensive military operations of the Azerbaijani side resulted in human losses,” they said.

The Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense said Armenian armed forces had “committed a large-scale provocation” with a “surprise military operation.”

Footage posted by the Armenian Ministry of Defense shows what they said was their “units destroying enemy armored vehicles that invaded Armenian territory.” Credit: Armenian Ministry of Defense via Storyful

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