Arne Slot's brother tells Liverpool why it has picked perfect man to replace Jürgen Klopp

Feyenoord coach Arne Slot during the Dutch Eredivisie match between Go Ahead Eagles and Feyenoord Rotterdam in De Adelaarshorst on April 25, 2024 in Deventer, Netherlands.
Likely new Liverpool manager Arne Slot comes with the seal of approval - from his brother! -Credit:ANP via Getty Images

For most Liverpool fans, Arne Slot is a relatively unfamiliar name. He was probably vaguely on the radar for some, having been linked with the Spurs job last summer after leading Feyenoord to the title, but he wouldn't have been on the tip of many tongues as the heir to Jürgen Klopp.

But that doesn't mean he is not the right man for the job. Feyenoord supporters certainly think highly of him, and are very sad to see him go — reminiscent of when Klopp left Borussia Dortmund, to a certain extent. The data has led Michael Edwards to Slot, and the more you learn about him, the more you can understand why that is.

Obviously, the fact Slot is mostly anonymous in England points to the fact that the Liverpool job will be a huge step up for him. He has never coached in Europe's top five leagues, and while he has accumulated a little Champions League experience, he will be tasked with going up several levels at once.

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One man who knows him more than most, though, is confident that Liverpool is making the right call. The Mirror has spoken to Slot's brother, Jakko.

“When we both look back at the sessions we used to do with those boys on the training pitch, it was actually ridiculous," said Jakko, reflecting on sessions they put on together for the FC Bergentheim youth team in their hometown. “The players were 16 years old, two years older than Arne and me! But Arne knew exactly how he wanted to coach them.

“It was way beyond their understanding and way above what a coach should pass on to young players. It was top level stuff already, but we both thought it was normal.’

“He is doing everything I always expected and even more. Arne was never the quickest player in his professional career, but he was by far the brightest. He has become a famous manager in Europe and can’t walk anywhere in the Netherlands without people stopping him for a photo.

“In fact, they stop me too because we look alike, they think I’m Arne. It happens more and more. It’s quite funny. I am so proud of Arne. What he is achieving is fantastic and yes, he’s become a great manager in football. But for me, what makes me more proud than anything else, is his personality. How he has developed as a person in every way.’’ says: Slot the person will be just as important to Liverpool as Slot the manager. The credentials his brother picks out in that department add to his appeal as a worthy Klopp successor.

They also share a similar background. Klopp was always quick to denigrate his own playing career, once famously saying he had 'fourth-division feet and a first-division head', and it seems Slot took a similar route into high-level management.

Of course, a glowing review from his brother is hardly decisive. But talk of his fame in the Netherlands should serve as a timely reminder that Liverpool is not appointing some nobody, and that Slot has earned this shot with his work to date.