Arnold Schwarzenegger Teased Fubar Season 2 By Revealing The World's Biggest Action Figure, But It Looks More Like Paul Bunyan Than Arnold

 Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR.
Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR.

I’m not going to lie to you fans of the smash hit Netflix series FUBAR who are reading, the news that Season 2 is in production is basically the news you came here to read. And normally, this would be the sort of thing you’d hear announced in a press release, with some teasing quotes about how the season ahead will be “its biggest yet.” Of course, when you’re talking about anything actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is connected to, that’s not enough. No, the hype train for his seemingly spiritual sequel to True Lies actually just broke a Guinness World Record with a giant action figure, which may not quite look like the actor all that much.

We can specifically thank the world’s biggest Arnie action figure for that new, aforementioned record. Even if the footage shown below makes the art piece look more like a Paul Bunyan tribute than the former Governator of California. Check it out in the Instagram post below:

Now, that is one big pile of plastic. And you know something, considering Arnold Schwarzenegger's track record with celebrating, I'm starting to think he doesn't suck at it as much as he claims. The numbers behind this mammoth promotional device certainly back that hypothesis.

For reference, the tiny action figure that Arnold Schwarzenegger uses as the initial reference for this FUBAR promotion stands at 5.52 inches. Sitting on the other end of the spectrum of extremes, the large and in charge Arnie towered at a height of 22.14 feet (265.7 inches), as it was shown off at the ShowFX campus in Santa Fe Springs, California. That’s almost fifty times taller than the more shelf friendly version.

On one hand, I can definitely see where some might not feel this is the best rendering of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s unique facial features and may favor Paul Bunyan a bit more. But, at the same time, at least from where I’m standing, that massive FUBAR promotion bears a better likeness to Arnold Schwarzenegger than the last gargantuan item to bear his visage. Anybody else remember the infamous inflatable that helped promote Last Action Hero? Try taking a look at that mega media move below, from back when Schwarzenegger’s most underrated role was touted as “the hot ticket of ‘93,” and tell me we haven’t advanced as a species:

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves talking a big game, but the FUBAR star loves living up to the hype even more. Which is why his claim that “next season’s action figure will be twice as big” give me pause. And, quite frankly, I’m sure the folks at Netflix’s marketing team are also having a bit of a concern.

Based on what we know, that figure would theoretically stack up to 44.28 feet (531.4 inches), and would probably require Tom Cruise’s assistance to assemble properly. And, given what we don't know, the cost would probably be so massive that it might figure into the calculations the studio undergoes in order to decide if FUBAR Season 3 is even going to happen! If you thought it was difficult to get the A-lister's face right on the scale we’re currently dealing with, that moonshot of an action figure would be practically impossible.

But that’s just Arnie for you, as he’s all about doing it big, and doing it right. Sadly, all of this big talk doesn’t change the fact that we don’t have a release date for FUBAR Season 2. But the 2024 Netflix movie and TV schedule is still full of action, adventure, and other excitement to partake in.