Arsenal footage emerges busting Bayern Munich penalty myth after Thomas Tuchel rant

Gabriel Magalhaes speaking to a referee
Arsenal's Gabriel Magalhaes appeared to get away with one against Bayern Munich in the Champions League -Credit:Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Thomas Tuchel was incensed, Harry Kane was confused, referee Glenn Nyberg was surprised, and Arsenal were...lucky? Gabriel Magalhaes' 'handball' when picking up David Raya's 'pass' inside the penalty area on Tuesday night has divided opinion.

It wasn't until after the game that things fully emerged either. Bukayo Saka's own shouts for a penalty at the end of the match overshadowed much of what had been a fantastic Champions League spectacle at the Emirates Stadium.

"I think the referee did not have the courage today to give a deserved penalty in a bit of a crazy and awkward situation," Tuchel said when asked about what many believed to be the main controversy at full-time. It quickly became apparent that he was not referring to Manuel Neuer's challenge on Saka.

"But he admitted on the pitch that he saw the situation and that a quarter-final is not enough for him to give a penalty for a kid's mistake," continued Tuchel. "He admitted he knew about the mistake the player made and that is a bit frustrating." The German explained: "It was from the goalkeeper, he was whistling and the keeper passed to the central defender., I am not sure which one it was but he touched the ball with his hand because he thought it is not in the game, but it was in the game.

"The referee admitted it was in game and it was a handball. It was not worth looking at the mistake which is very frustrating for our players and leaves us angry." Rio Ferdinand, who also felt that 35-year-old Nyberg should have awarded Arsenal a spot-kick for the tackle on Saka, was incredulous.

"It's a pen," he said. "Oh my gosh, how can that not be given? I was so adamant that Saka's one was, I am even more for this. It's unbelievable. How can he blow the whistle like that and not give that"

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However, new footage coming from recent Arsenal clashes shows just how the whole scenario has been seemingly blown out of proportion. Posted by Twitter (X) user @EbukaMeansGreat, a video of games from the past four weeks alone shows Arsenal using a similar tactic at their goalkicks between Raya and Gabriel.

Lining up inside the box, Raya gives the ball to his centre-back as the Gunners set up to draw on a press and play through their opponents, with Gabriel then taking the initial kick on the left side of the box. Often the Brazilian plays it back to his 'keeper to start the move off.

These clips seem to demonstrate what Arsenal were going for, therefore shutting down the case against them. However, one glaring point remains.

In each clip, Raya is careful to nudge the ball, rolling it or palming it with his hand towards Gabriel first. Ensuring that even when the referee's whistle has blown it does no constitute as play being active. On this fateful occasion in north London the biggest difference was that Raya actively kicked the ball to his teammate after the whistle.

A lapse in concentration? Common sense from the referee? A storm in a teacup? The outcome for Arsenal remains the same. Next time Raya will be sure not to add unneeded uncertainty over such a simple action. Any suggestions of cheating must surely be put to bed, though.