Arsenal's Declan Rice's girlfriend Lauren Fryer 'deletes all pictures' after cruel comments

Arsenal footballer Declan Rice and his partner Lauren Fryer
Arsenal footballer Declan Rice and his partner Lauren Fryer -Credit:Lauren Fryer Instagram

The girlfriend of Arsenal star Declan Rice is reported to have 'deleted all of her pictures' on Instagram after receiving a barrage of abuse online over her appearance. Lauren Fryer, the long-term partner of the footballer, has recently found herself the target of cruel online trolls.

The bullying of the 25-year-old first started in December last year when an anonymous account told England international team member Declan he 'could do better' than his childhood sweetheart, with whom he shares 20-month-old son, Jude.

Recently, Declan was told he had 'low standards' for being in a relationship with the mother of his child. Lauren, who has over 64,000 followers on the social media site, has kept her profile public and her profile picture remains - an image of herself and baby Jude watching a football match in the stands.

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Support for Lauren has since gathered pace with Manchester fashion brand In The Style sharing a post which read: "Appreciation post for this beautiful woman Lauren Fryer. We're sorry to see that in 2024 women are still subject to so many disgusting comments." Founder Adam Frisby also said: "Its 2024 we need to do so much better, what she’s been subject to the last few days is disgusting and she’s bloody beautiful. Although he shouldn’t have to, he’s a true gent defending her."

Fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy said in response: "It’s actually disgusting what she’s been subjected to. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for trolls to hide behind a keyboard these days. And easy for people to say ignore but it’s hard and I don’t care what anyone says it does get to you and that’s from personal experience. Hope she’s got some good friends round her for support. She’s absolutely beautiful could teach a few 'wags' a thing or 2!"

Former Love Island winner Dani Dyer also shared: "She is a beaut inside and out." Another Love Island star Liberty Poole also fumed: "I think she's beautiful this is crazy. What happened to celebrating different body types and embracing how we are all individually made. beauty standards these days are unrealistic and everyone's gone mad because of social media. I'm keep preaching about it till I die time for change this can't continue."

Lauren at the FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final in 2022 with the couple's son -Credit:PA
Lauren at the FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final in 2022 with the couple's son -Credit:PA

Declan and Lauren are thought to have been together for around eight years and welcomed their first child into the world in 2022. Sports star Declan subtly confirmed the arrival of his son Jude as he represented West Ham on the pitch against Brighton and Hove Albion in August of that year.

The footballer, who has since moved teams to Arsenal, debuted a new tattoo on his arm that detailed the name and birthdate of his newborn baby. The ink reads "Jude Rice", along with the astrology symbol for Leo, the star sign for the month of August, and his son’s date of birth, 7 August 2022.