Asda shopper denied from online account because of her 'rude' surname

A shopper says she was denied an online account with Asda Mobile because of her supposedly "rude" surname. Pat McManus, who is hard of hearing, had been trying to set up an online account to top up her pay-as-you-go mobile phone online.

She told BBC Rip Off Britain that it would be the easiest way for her to add credit to her phone due to her hearing difficultues. But she was left fuming when Asda Mobile's computer system explained it had blocked her attempts.

Pat explained: “When I try to create an account it won’t let me go through because of my surname. It says there’s a forbidden word in it.” Presenter Angela Rippon, the former BBC Strictly Come Dancing star, clarified for viewers that the “forbidden” word was ‘anus’ - the last four letters of Pat’s surname.

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She said: “The last four letters are nothing more than the actual, legal, medical description of a part of the body.” Speaking to the show, Nikki Stopford, a consumer expert and retail analyst, accused Asda Mobile of failing its customers.

She said: “All mobile phone companies have a responsibility to make sure they are providing an accessible service and it’s really insane that Asda Mobile isn’t even getting the basics right. I can’t believe that Asda Mobile can’t override a computer program with some human intervention to allow Pat’s surname.”

She added: “Also register a formal complaint with Asda Mobile because all mobile phone providers should be providing an accessible service.” After being contacted by Rip Off Britain Asda Mobile changed its system, it said.

It will now allow Pat to set up an account, it added. Asda Mobile is available in over 360 stores across the UK and online through purchasing either a SIM card or through an Asda Mobile handset