Asda, Tesco, Morrisons drivers told to 'limit' fuel they buy due to little-known button

Drivers are only just realising what a simple petrol station button is used for. Motorists have been left baffled by a simple petrol station tip which could help save the pennies while filling up at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, BP, Texaco, Esso and Shell garages.

A button located on several pumps in the UK lets motorists and drivers set the price they are willing to pay before they start to fill up. If you set it, the pump will automatically stop filling your car up once you reach the desired price point.

TikTok user @ommelyla asked: “Was it just me who didn’t know?" She said: “Do you know you can set the amount you want to spend when you're filling your car with petrol? Before you even start you can set a limit of how much you want to spend and the pump will automatically turn off when you reach that amount. Like here when I only spent a tenner exactly.”

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Instructions on the Tesco petrol pump then say: “Before you loft the nozzle, tell the pump exactly how much you want to put in and it will stop for you. Press ‘10’ and/or ‘1’ to set the amount example: press ‘10 twice for £20. Press £/Lts’ for price or volume. Press ‘Pay at Kiosk’ or ‘Pay at Pump’.

"Remove nozzle and start to fuel. The pump will stop at your selected amount.” Not all supermarkets have them, though, shoppers and customers have revealed in the comments as the viral clip was shared widely by social media users and TikTokers.

“Na I prefer risking it and playing the game of having a fast reaction time," one laughed. Another commented: “As someone who works in a petrol station I hope this reaches the right audience because I’m so tired of the penny complaints when it's so easy to fix.”

The TikTok was captioned: "I o lay just found this out! #ommsdailyfacts #ukfacts #tescopetrol #petrols ..." and soundtracked by Own Brand Freestyle - FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac.