Ashanti shares details of Nelly's 'beautiful' proposal

Ashanti has told how her fiancé Nelly proposed to her.

"It was just such a beautiful, intimate moment," the singer told Entertainment Tonight of the proposal in April. "We were not dressy."

She revealed how the couple were watching television in bed, wearing their pyjamas, when he popped the question.

"I cried," she said. "I gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. I FaceTimed everyone I know... I was overjoyed and shocked and surprised and happy kind of like all in one."

The pair first dated in 2003, then broke up in 2013, before reuniting in 2023.

"Never in a million years did I think we would be here," the 43-year-old said. "Ten years ago - maybe yes - but after our breakup, you know, I didn't even think we'd ever have a conversation again."

She added, "I guess when you go through a breakup, for me personally, I kind of just shut that person out. It's kinda like, OK, that chapter is closed and you just move on, you know, and there's nothing there. I had to really, like, be real with myself, like, do I have feelings for him again? Like what's going on? I was pleasantly surprised that they were there."

The R&B star admitted she and the rapper have both grown up since they first dated.

"Before, sometimes we would argue and walk out, slam the door, and not talk for a few days," she said. "(Now) it's not like holding on and bickering and we find out what the resolution is. We apologise... It used to take me a little longer to apologise. (Now) we are so, so aligned."

The couple are expecting their first child together later this year. It will be Ashanti's first baby.

Nelly is already dad to son Tre, 21, and daughter Nana, 26.