Ask the chemist for a paper bag


I collect my small but regular prescription from Lloyds. A year ago I wrote to the company requesting a change from plastic to paper bags (Boots berated for putting prescriptions in plastic bags, 18 May). I received a polite acknowledgment, and since then my prescription is always ready for me in a paper bag. I advise environmentally aware Boots customers to try this approach.
Rose Harvie

• I commend your starch wrapper for the weekend magazines. Can we expect Ottolenghi’s first ever boil-in-the-bag recipe in weeks to come?
Guy Smith
Langport, Somerset

• The turban’s been on trend since way before the 1950s (Sikhs call headpiece sold by Gucci disrespectful mimicry, 18 May). 1920s flappers? Garbo, Dietrich in the 1930s? Every land girl in the 1940s, Lana Turner, Joan Crawford? And what about all those aristo portraits of the 18th and 19th centuries? I’m pretty sure some of Jane Austen’s characters would have worn turbans.
Liz Cleere
Saffron Walden, Essex

• The key question about the Jeremy Kyle Show (Journal, 16 May) should be why such shows are so enduringly popular. What is it about us humans that enjoys the spectacle of our fellow humans publicly humiliating each other?
Dr Hyla Holden

• Manchester City have been magnificent in achieving their domestic treble, but don’t forget the Old Invincibles – Preston North End in 1888-89, who not only won cup and league but did so undefeated.
George Peacock
Ely, Cambridgeshire

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