Ask the Expert: We are downsizing to one car. Which EV best suits our needs?

The GV60
The GV60 is the best and most affordable EV - Dominic Fraser

Dear Alex,

My wife and I have a 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 and a 2019 Volvo XC60 and we want to switch to one car that combines the characteristics of both: medium-sized, capable of towing a small box trailer and cheap to run, particularly in town. I am 6ft 3in and would like the driving position and space of the Volvo. We have not been impressed by the infotainment system in the ID.3. We have a charger at home and do up to 9,000 miles a year locally plus 4,000 miles during trips to family members’ and holidays. Which EV with a good range fits the bill?


Dear JB,

I’m guessing your small box trailer will probably have a maximum allowable mass of no more than 400kg (882lb), which means it’ll be towable by most electric cars of the type you require.

You could stick with Volvo and opt for an EX40. The name might not sound familiar, but this is simply a rebranded version of the XC40 Recharge. You’ll get the same high-quality interior and comfy seats you love in your XC60; the only downside is that the cheapest single-motor version has a slightly meagre real-world range of around 220 miles, depending on the weather. Of course, the twin-motor model offers more – but it’s very expensive.

The default choice for many an electric SUV buyer these days is the Tesla Model Y. This would certainly offer the space you require, with a huge amount of room in the front and rear seats. That’s because it’s about as long as your XC60, so it doesn’t really represent a good middle ground between your current pair and will be less handy around town.

What’s more, the Model Y isn’t as quiet or as comfortable as some of the other cars I’ll mention. For all that, though, in Long Range form, the Model Y offers a nice, usable range of around 250 miles and, given it has all-wheel drive and blistering performance, it looks like pretty good value.

Even better value, however, is the Skoda Enyaq. It is one of the quietest and most comfortable EVs and is also one of the roomiest, with superb interior space and the high driving position you seek. It also has a huge boot.

With a real-world range of around 260 miles in 85 form, it’ll go the farthest between charges of any car here, while also being the cheapest. The downside is that the interior isn’t quite as smart; what’s more, given the Enyaq is based on the same architecture as the ID.3, you have to deal with a similarly frustrating touchscreen (though the Enyaq’s is less so thanks to some of the detail changes Skoda made to its version of the software).

While it’s shorter than the Model Y, the Enyaq is still quite large, so my final suggestion sits between the Enyaq and the EX40 in size – and exactly half-way between your XC60 and ID.3

Given that Genesis is Hyundai and Kia’s luxury arm, the GV60 is well equipped and nicely finished; the single-motor version is the best and also the most affordable, providing a real-world range of around 240 miles.

Despite its manageable dimensions, the GV60 is surprisingly roomy inside; it also has a five-year warranty, which beats any of the other options here. In fact, the only downside I can think of is that there’s no rear wiper, which is a bit of a pain when the roads are mucky. Otherwise, the GV60 is a strong option.

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