Aston Villa are making me support others teams and it's driving me up the wall

I was hoping I could introduce the Claret & Blue podcast this week as if it were a Burnley podcast and we could talk about them taking points off Spurs on Saturday afternoon. Sadly, that was not the case and the wait goes on for Aston Villa to try and confirm a top four spot.

In the last few weeks I've seen myself supporting Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and then Burnley. On Tuesday I'll be a Man City fan. Rubbish isn't it? Having to look at other clubs, waiting for Spurs to lose so it benefits Villa, but this is where we are. I know I'm not alone in this.

A point for us on Monday against Liverpool would see that Spurs effectively have to win their final two matches (Man City and Sheffield United) and they could do that, though I don't think they will. So a point for us is a point closer, but if we can just find something within ourselves to beat Liverpool, that's it. It's done. I won't be giving Man City a second of my time on Tuesday night then.

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If we were to do that, I think that goes down as our best and biggest result of the season. The Arsenal games, the win against Man City, they were amazing results in their own right, but look at the squad that we had available for those versus what we have now. To get to this last-ditch attempt to secure top four is nothing short of miraculous, but to beat Liverpool with the squad that we've got available, I think it's a really, really difficult task to do if I’m brutally honest.

I had a quick look through Man City's results at the back end of the season earlier whilst waiting for John to log on to the link to record the podcast.

Six years ago, the 2017/18 season, of their final few games, they won nine, drew one and lost one. In 2018/19 they won 14 in a row at the end of the season. Ridiculous.

2019/20: Won nine, lost one.

2020/21: Won seven, lost three of their final 10.

2021/22: Won seven, drew three.

2022/23: They won 12 in a row. Then in their final two games, they drew to Brighton and lost to Brentford. But, the title was done by then.

This season, they're on a winning streak of seven as it stands. They've not lose since we beat them at Villa Park in December, that's frightening.

"This team just wins" I said to John on the podcast.

Man City know if they win their final two games, they will win the league. It doesn't matter what Arsenal do. I really don't see Spurs putting up a fight against Pep Guardiola's juggernaut of a side to be honest. How does this City side not just go on a 9 game winning run and win their 6th title in 7 years?

“You've literally gone on your notes app and done huge preparation, that shouldn't happen” John replied.

I'm fully aware! It's quite sad. I'm as focussed on Tuesday night's match at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium than I am on Villa's final game against Liverpool.

Hopefully though, Villa can do the job themselves. Winning against Liverpool in Klopp's final away game, our final home game of the season, to seal the deal and finish fourth would be incredible. I hope that they can find just that last little bit of energy and that last little bit of desire to get us over the line.