Atlanta Police Break Window to Stop Unresponsive Driver's Moving Car

Dramatic body camera footage shows Atlanta police officers trying to wake a driver who appeared to be unconscious behind the wheel of a moving car on March 5.

In the footage, released by the Atlanta Police Department, an officer can be seen knocking on the side of the car and the window in an attempt to gain the attention of an unresponsive man.

“Once the male became alert and noticed the officers, he put his foot on the gas and the car accelerated towards oncoming traffic,” police said.

The footage shows the car slowly veering onto the sidewalk before continuing into oncoming traffic. The officer catches up to the vehicle, pulls out his baton and smashes the driver-side window, before the car comes to a halt.

Police said the driver was arrested and charged with multiple traffic offenses including driving while under the influence.

The two officers involved in the arrest were given a commendation award for their response to the incident, police said. Credit: Atlanta Police Department via Storyful

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