Atlas Air Pays Tribute to 'Queen of the Skies' as Airline Receives Last-Ever Made Boeing 747

The last-ever made Boeing 747 was delivered to cargo carrier Atlas Air on Wednesday, February 1, marking the end of an era in aviation production spanning more than 50 years.

Dubbed the “Queen of the Skies”, the 747-100 first flew in the February of 1969 after six years of development. Boeing had tasked its engineers with developing an aircraft that would meet the predicted boom in travel and cargo needs during the 1970s.

After receiving certification from the US’s Federal Aviation Administration in December, 1969, Pan America entered the 747 into commercial service with a flight from New York to London in January, 1970.

While en-route from Washington state’s Paine Field to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport on Wednesday, flight crew of the final 747 paid tribute to the aircraft’s legacy by drawing a crown with the flight path. Credit: Flightradar24 via Storyful

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