"It’s All About the Attitude!": Small Bird Chases Off Bald Eagle Perched Too Close to Nest

A “spunky” little bird swooped and squawked at a bald eagle perched a bit too close to its nesting area in Scottsdale, Arizona, in late May.

Thomas Lancione recorded this video capturing the bird pestering the bald eagle, who does eventually leave its perch.

“This little western kingbird goes all out to chase a bald eagle out of its nesting area,” Lancione said. “It’s all about the attitude!”

According to the National Audubon Society, western kingbirds are “spunky” and often seen “perched on roadside fences and wires, flying out to snap up insects, or to harass ravens, hawks, or other large birds that stray too close to the kingbird’s nest.” Credit: Thomas Lancione via Storyful

Video transcript