Did an audience member really mouth 'Bo****ks' during Theresa May's TV interview?

We’ve all mouthed off about something a politician has said, but not all of us have been caught doing it on live television.

In The Battle for Number 10, last night’s Channel 4/Sky News grilling of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, one audience member stole the headlines from the Conservative and Labour party leaders.

After Mrs May answered a question from the audience about the NHS, the camera stopped on a man who looked less than convinced with the prime minister’s response.

He appeared to mouth, ‘Bo****ks. That’s bo****ks’.

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The man’s apparent unimpressed response came after a different audience member posed a question to the prime minister.

A midwife from Devon asked Mrs May to explain the cutting of NHS budgets and the ‘chronic underfunding that I see at work’.

Mrs May replied that the government plans to spend half a trillion pounds on the health service by 2020.

She added: ‘We all rely on the health service. That’s why we are ensuring we do increase spending in real terms.’

But when the camera panned back to the audience, the man could be seen mouthing what appeared to be the word, ‘bo****ks’ on two occasions.

The midwife was also unimpressed, saying: ‘I see a lot of efficiency savings that are actually cuts.

‘I see hospitals closing, I see staff that are at their wits’ end because they can’t give the care that they want to give. I’ll believe it when I see it.’