Austin Butler Recalled An ‘Unglamorous’ Moment He Had While Filming Dune: Part Two, And It Sounds Miserable

 Austin Butler in Dune: Part 2.
Credit: Warner Bros.

This year has shaped up to be monumental for Austin Butler, who is still going strong post-Dune: Part Two. He most recently starred in The Bikeriders, which recently rode onto the 2024 movie schedule. And, months ago, he had the Masters of the Air miniseries, which began streaming in January for everyone with an Apple TV+ subscription. Needless to say, the rising Elvis star is in high demand and understandably so. Still, all that glitters is not gold. Butler recently discussed the more "unglamorous" aspects of working on a set and used a recent harrowing behind-the-scenes experience he had while filming his epic sci-fi movie. This particular ordeal really catches my attention, because it sounds miserable.

It was during an interview with BBC Radio 1 that Austin Butler gave fans a glimpse into the sweltering conditions he and the cast endured while shooting one of Dune: Part Two's most intense sequences. The star, who played the role of the psychotic Feyd-Rautha in Denis Villeneuve's movie , explained that not-so-glamorous moment while on set:

There’s so many moments that are not glamorous. In Dune [:Part Two], the first sequence that I shot was the gladiator fight. … It’s 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was in a sandpit that had these giant walls around it. So it was swelteringly hot. And I have two bald caps on, and what I’m wearing is made of like, wetsuit material, and it’s black. And so the sun is just baking me. It was so hot.

It goes without saying that this sounds absolutely dreadful. And the supporting actor turned A-lister paints a pretty vivid picture of the physical and environmental challenges faced by the cast and crew. The gladiator fight scene, a crucial part of Dune: Part Two, demanded intense performance and remarkable endurance. Filming in a sandpit under the scorching sun, with temperatures soaring to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, is no small feat. And, if the sentiments above don't make you sweat, then the other comments Austin Butler shared certainly will:

People were passing out from heat stroke, and then you’re fighting. And you feel your shoes almost melting in the sand. Those moments feel very unglamorous, I guess.

Despite these challenges, Austin Butler’s dedication to his role and the film's overall vision remained unwavering, and they created one of the most memorable villains in recent memory. The guy’s performance is more snakelike than human -- it's intense and unsettling. If you haven't seen Dune: Part Two (and you really should), it's available to stream with a Max subscription.

Now a little removed from his work within the dunes of Arrakis, the 32-year-old star has been promoting Jeff Nichols’ The Bikeriders, and he already has more work on his plate. He's set to star in a big-screen adaptation of City on Fire, and he'll also appear alongside Joaquin Phoenix and more in the upcoming black comedy Eddington.

Additionally, rumors suggest that the Dead Don't Die alum might join Adam Driver in Michael Mann’s highly anticipated sequel, Heat 2. While details about the film are scarce, we know it will be a direct follow-up (and simultaneously something of a prequel) to one of the best '90s movies and a legendary heist film. It is also an upcoming book-to-screen adaptation based on the novel Mann co-wrote with Meg Gardiner. Fortunately, this project will unlikely involve the same intense -- pun intended -- heat as Dune: Part Two.

It's exciting to see Austin Butler's career grow, and it's not hard to see why. Yes, his steamy experience on the set of Dune: Part Two does represent one of the occupational hazards of working massive movies. However, the fact that he trudged through it is also a true testament to his work ethic. Here's to continued success for Butler, and here's hoping he doesn't have too many "unglamorous" moments that are as sweltering as that gladiator scene.