Australia: Botched Jewellery Raid Ends In KFC

Australia: Botched Jewellery Raid Ends In KFC

Two men have appeared in court after accidentally breaking into a fried chicken restaurant instead of a jewellery store.

The pair were making their third attempt to break into a jewellers when they hacked through a wall with an iron bar and burst into a Kentucky Fried Chicken branch, the court heard.

Peter Welsh, 32, and Dwayne Doolan, 31, allegedly shrugged off their mistake and staged an impromptu hold-up of the takeaway in Beaudesert, southwest of Brisbane in Australia, escaping with \$2,600 (£1,700).

The men were arrested and charged with the New Year's Eve robbery after a police raid on Welsh's home.

Southport Magistrates Court was told the pair smashed their way through a wall in a communal toilet block tunnel, hoping to enter Wrights Jewellers.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Damian Summerfield said they had earlier thrown spark plugs at the store in an attempt to smash the front window.

When that approach failed, they allegedly tried to break in through the rear doors, but instead found themselves in the neighbouring Animal Welfare League Opportunity Shop.

Sgt Summerfield said the men stole a charity box from the front counter containing \$50 (£33), before trying again to break into the jewellery store.

Police claim the men broke into a toilet block attached to the back of the group of shops and hacked a hole in the wall, which they crawled through.

Once inside, they allegedly threatened KFC staff with the bar and demanded cash.

"One female staffer opened the safe and they grabbed lots of cash," Sgt Summerfield said.

He said Welsh made "full and frank" admissions when questioned by police.

Welsh is charged with armed robbery, stealing, burglary and attempted burglary while Doolan is charged with robbery and stealing.