Australia’s gender pay gap explorer: where does your employer rank?

Australia has for the first time released data reflecting the gender pay gap at nearly 5,000 companies – every private company with 100 employees or more.

The data paints a stark picture, with some of the country’s biggest and most recognisable employers posting gender pay gaps of 30-40% in favour of male employees.

In this interactive graphic you can see the pay gap for every employer listed in the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s newly released data.

Each dot is an employer, and shows the median gender pay gap by total remuneration. This is the percentage difference between the median of what a man is paid and the median of what a woman is paid within an organisation.

The pay gaps are not reflective of companies paying male and female employees different amounts for the same work, which has been illegal for more than 50 years, but mostly represent men working in higher-paid roles within a company.

Negative values indicate a pay gap in favour of women, or organisations in which women are paid more, while positive values indicate a pay gap in favour of men, or organisations in which men are paid more.

Use the search bar to find specific companies, or the other controls to explore the data. Employers are able to post public statements to accompany their pay gap results, which you can find at WGEA’s website here.


You can read more about specific companies and the new data in our news story here.


This graphic uses the total remuneration pay gap from WGEA.

The WGEA explains its methods for calculating the pay gap as follows:

WGEA used remuneration information supplied by employers in the 2022-23 employer census to calculate employer gender pay gaps. Part-time and casual salaries are converted into annualised full-time equivalent earnings.

This year, the data excludes salaries of CEOs, heads of business, casual managers, employees who were furloughed, and employees reported as non-binary as this comparison is between women and men.

See WGEA’s Employer Gender Pay Gap Technical Guide for further information on how WGEA calculates employer gender pay gaps.

The WGEA scores pay gaps as “in favour of men” > 5%, “in favour of women” < -5%, and “neutral”, where neutral is within -5% and 5%, and they further describe the “neutral” category:

A gender pay gap of +/-5% allows for normal business fluctuations and employee movements, while signifying that an employer has a focus on gender equality and is taking action to ensure there is gender equality at all levels of their organisation.