'It's Coming to the Stairs!': Mom Uses BBQ Tongs to Protect Family From Deadly Snake

An Australian mom kept a deadly snake away from her home using barbecue tongs and a broom in regional New South Wales on Sunday, January 8.

Video shared to Instagram by Australian television personality Grant Denyer shows his wife Chezzi Denyer holding a pair of tongs to fend off the large eastern brown snake from their verandah.

Denyer told Storyful that he and his wife were preparing dinner when one of his children began screaming that the snake was near their small dog on the verandah.

“My wife grabbed [the] barbecue tongs and headed off to the snake to protect the dogs and the children in bare feet. She then redirected the deadly snake down the paddock,” Denyer told Storyful.

Brown snakes are considered to be one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

“If an adult was bitten by a brown snake of this size you would need to get immediate treatment with antivenin at the nearest hospital which is half an hours drive from our property. My wife, Chezzi and her quick thinking and bravery thought nothing about the encounter and would do the same any day to protect her family.” Credit: Grant Denyer via Storyful

Video transcript

- You see it, Chezz?

- Yeah.

- It's coming to the stairs.

- Oh, my. Oh, oh.

- Chezz. Oh, my God. That's the washer woman, Chezz with--

- I love you, mom.

- Die. Die.


- All this is very scary.

- Here you go. Diamond, you ready to turn up?

- He's sliding down.

- So what [? snake's ?] that?

- Right. It's Bryan's snake. Can't see him at the moment. Mom's outside. She's trying to get him away. Mom's hitting him with a broom. And he's down behind there, I'm pretty sure.

- Is he down behind the pipe?

- Yeah.

- What's he doing?

- Can't see him, because it's too dangerous to go out.

- Mommy's very brave.

- He's a decent size. That's what mom said.

- He's a brown snake.

- He's a brown snake. Is the [INAUDIBLE] really dangerous?

- He's brown. Now this is the second time I've seen a snake in my life.

- OK.