Australian police stumble across HUGE snake during night patrol

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
The monster-sized snake measured around five metres long (Queensland Police)

Police officers out on a routine night patrol in Australia stumbled across what turned out to be the largest snake in the country.

Sergeant Ben Tome and Acting Senior Constable Chris Kenny stumbled across a scrub python measuring a staggering five METRES while on patrol in Wujul Wujul, 75 miles north of Cairns.

The super-sized serpent made itself known to the officers, who said there was no getting round it until it was “good and ready to move”.

The scrub python mainly feeds on birds and mammals (Rex/stock photo)

Queensland Police said in a statement: “Seizing the opportunity for a quick photo, Sergeant Ben Tome sent his colleague Acting Senior Constable Chris Kenny out of the car to stand next to the giant.

“Not fond of the police attention, the scrub python made his way quickly off the road so the officers could continue on their way.”

Scrub pythons are Australia’s biggest snakes and can grow up to 8 metres long.


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Thankfully for the officers (and Australians in general), the scrub python is not venomous and they live in rainforests, coastal scrubs and open forests.

They predominately feed on birds and mammals and kill their prey by constricting them.