Australian Woman Takes Selfies With Baby Quokka

A couple visiting Rottnest Island in October captured an adorable moment featuring a baby quokka snacking on fresh leaves.

Dylan deHaas and his wife Sarah captured the little marsupial nibbling on fresh leaves while his wife got up close and personal for some selfies.

DeHaas told Storyful that the couple followed proper etiquette when trying to get closer to the quokkas.

“Being respectful we gave them space until they felt comfortable. That’s when we decided to get a few pictures,” deHaas said.

Quokkas are naturally curious animals and and are endemic to the island. They are well-known for featuring in pictures with visitors.

“They are just the cutest animals!” he said about the little marsupials. “Always looking like they are smiling.” Credit: Dylan deHaas via Storyful

Video transcript

SARAH DEHASS: Are you getting this?



DYLAN DEHASS: No, turn it. Turn it. No, no, I'm on the wrong side, sorry. Good, you have to go that side. Actually, no, that was good. That was good, sorry. Pretty wide. Yeah. Yeah. [LAUGHS] [BEEPING] He needs to look up. [KISSY NOISES]

SARAH DEHASS: Yeah, fleabag. [BEEPING] Oh, don't bite me. Don't bite me.

DYLAN DEHASS: Yeah. Got it. Quick. [BEEPING] Oh, oh. Yeah.

SARAH DEHASS: Don't tease him.

DYLAN DEHASS: Come here, come here.

SARAH DEHASS: Give it to him.


DYLAN DEHASS: Oh, my hands in that. Hold on, one more.

SARAH DEHASS: Give it to him. Give it to him.

DYLAN DEHASS: No, put it down. [BEEP] There you go. [BEEPING] Are you filming or not?

SARAH DEHASS: Yeah, I was.

DYLAN DEHASS: Ah, there's people in the background. Ah, you see my hand.

SARAH DEHASS: You're a rookie.

DYLAN DEHASS: Yea, that's it.

SARAH DEHASS: Here. Go, go, go, go. He's eating. No, he's eating. [BEEPING] Ah, it's on my hand.